"Old St. Nicholas,"

The Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor Who Was the Gracious Giver, by Eben

Reflections on the Old Norwegian Calendar, the Primstav

Old St. Nicholas at this late date?

Why "N" and Cross

O Primstav, speak out and relate

How Myra’s bishop in Asia Minor Had a heart to help the poor.


‘Tis long ago, yet men remember

This early saint each 6th, December.

A thousand years, and more, have passed,

Yet Nicholas won fame to last.

In Myra lived three sisters sweet,

Who came to church in cold or heat.

Faithful too, their bishop’s eye

Marked each falling tear and sigh.


For soon their father, penniless,

Must send them out in deep distress.

Poverty makes cruel claim

To fix on purest virtue blame!


Maidens thrust then on the street

Just for crusts of bread to eat,

Seldom found a husband then,

Their young lives lost to vice and sin.


But He who marks a sparrow’s fall

(After all, He died for all!)

Put his heart in Nicholas,

While circumstances cried, “Alas!”


Many prayers the maidens prayed

Till hope at last began to fade.

But on the day they had to go

Something flew in their window.


The father stooped to pick it up,

And gold spilled out, as from a cup!

Twice more, the window again gave,

bags of gold, each maid to save.


Now with joy the father blessed

His daughters all with very best--

Arrayed in silken gown and veil,

And dowry next could much avail.


From beggary to married life,

The three sisters gained place as wife. Customs set so grim back then,

Yet could bless them with good men.


And before long infants came

To be baptized in Jesus’ Name.

No doubt the mothers wept with joy

To see his hand bless girl or boy.

For who else but their good bishop

Had turned their lives from down to up?

But how did he get that much gold?

The Primstav’s mum, no story told.

But let me make one humble guess,

What the bishop may confess.


He turned to treasure laid in trust,

To save it from the moth or rust.

“Better build in flesh, not bone,

And invest in living stone

That outlasts marble, Caesar’s own--

This flock of Christ’s that’s mine on loan.”


So Myra kept a crumbling church,

On which the stork had made her perch.

No gilt would ever make it shine

From dome to door--a vision fine.

However he had got much gold,

He’s credited with being bold.


Help one poor, and you get heaped

With multitudes--on you they’ve leaped!

No, unafraid of sheer mercy,

The bishop gave most cheerfully.

I’ve traveled far, old Myra’s gone,

But Christlike deeds live on and on.


*the Fernandez brothers' double homicide case in California

**a video and book put out during the first trial of double homicide suspect O.J. Simpson

@ Luke 23: 39-43

# Refrain is paraphrase an old Negro spiritual

These lyrics dedicated to the Washington State, Pierce Country Prosecutor, John Ladenberg, and Donnie Wayne Ivy--arraigned for stunning, choking, butchering, raping, and robbing Marion Matthews, University Place mother and grandmother. Ladenberg,citing the teenager’s tender age and no previous record is not seeking the death penalty. Ivy pled “Not Guilty.” According to his statement, Ivy said he prayed to ***Zim, a deity in the Dungeons and Dragons game before the crime.

Lyrics also dedicated to Alabama Judge Roy Moore, hounded for years by the ACLU for opening court sessions with prayer and for displaying the Ten Commandments, the basis of common law and the legal system. The ACLU has sued him, and Judge Moore will risk his job and all he has to keep prayer and the Ten Commandments, if it means fighting all the way to the Supreme Court.

Ps. 78:65 is a reminder to this exceptionally tacky, ultra-radical arm of the far left that a day of reckoning is soon coming:

“Then the Lord awoke as from sleep, like a mighty man who shouts because of wine, and He beat back His enemies in their hinder parts; He put them to a perpetual reproach.”

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